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My name is Ziphron, a senior in high school and I will be attending the University of Southern California in the fall. I am excited about all life has to offer, the ups and downs. I initially created this blog for a school project, but have always loved to write, post, and share everything I'm up to. I love to talk, and I do it a lot, so why not blog all the things I'm rambling about. I am a family of four, with a younger sister named Julia, a freshman in high school. Sadly I don't have any pets but my sister makes up for that. I don't play any sports but was involved in many clubs in school ranging from investment club to yearbook club. I love hanging out with my friends, shopping, eating, working out, cooking, traveling, and am down for any adventure. I can't stand to be bored. 

Hopefully, Unzipped is a place anyone can find tips, ideas, and more to blossom their life in any sort of way. My goal with this blog is to eventually reach all types of readers and appeal to them. I'm just getting the hang of this so stay tuned...

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