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You've probably heard this saying before, and though I think breakfast is super important, I think every meal is essential for living a healthy lifestyle. Let me tell you why I think breakfast is key to starting a good day. First, when I wake up I'm generally tired and want to go to bed, with that being said I don't have the energy to go to school or work. But after having a filling breakfast, I have the fuel. Starting your day off on a good note leads to a higher chance of having a good day. I totally get that minutes in the morning are super hard to have, so eating something is last on your mind, but you can change that! Getting up five minutes earlier won't hurt you, and I have made breakfast muffins and other treats that I can just grab and go out the door. I want Unzipped to have those quick recipes, and also those recipes you can make on a weekend morning. 

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day"


Image by Ben Kolde

Avocado Toast 

An easy and healthy breakfast. This is one my favorites to make and it only takes ten minutes! 

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