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What Comes First?

I think we’ve all heard someone tell us to prioritize or get our priorities straight. This is super important and helpful. I always have a non-stop to-do list, and for a long time, I’ve always gotten stressed out by all the things I needed to get done. What I wasn’t seeing was that not everything NEEDs to get done. By creating a list of things, you need to get done, try organizing it in a way that goes from most important to least important. This strategy has really allowed me not to get overwhelmed and take things step by step. I think a big reason people don’t reach deadlines or get stressed by things is that they don’t take a step back and look at what they need to do. For example, when it comes to spring cleaning, and I think about all the drawers and closet space and million bins I need to go through, it seems like a lot. But when I prioritize which drawers I need to clean first, it doesn’t make the task as dawning. That was a simple example, but you get my point. If you struggle with getting stressed by long to-do lists like me, try ordering things you need to get done vs. want to, and then make that long list into multiple lists, it will make your life feel easier! 

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