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Part-Time Workers



This virus SUCKS for part-time workers. The only places that are allowed to be open right now are grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and some restaurants are doing delivery and curbside pick up. I’ve been working since I was a freshman in high school, and me being the person I am, I fill up my calendar so that I’m fully booked at all times; I hate being bored. So when my jobs told me I couldn’t come in, and all my school clubs were put on their pause, I was terrified about what to do. It just sucks because now I won’t be able to make money to save for college or have any for my spending habits. What sucks more are the people who depend on their part-time jobs for more essential needs. The government is giving stimulus packages of at least $1200 to those who need it, but in reality, how much is that going to cover. I guess being older, I understand these economic problems more than I would if I was younger. I can imagine how events like this terribly affect people more than just them being bored but more on their abilities to support their family anymore. I think this is important to think about when one is complaining about their boredom or the limited activity they can do because I think a lot don’t have the right to when people are risking their lives to help those recover from this illness. People are dying from this, and the people who don’t know where their next meal is going to come from. 

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