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COVID-19 in My Eyes  

It was March 12th (check), and I was eating lunch in my school’s library. There was an announcement saying we had an early dismissal that day due to the Coronavirus. Two students supposedly had Coronavirus, so we were let out of school. No one thought that it was going to be the last time we’d see anyone but oh were we wrong. I remember being overly dramatic for the hour after the announcement was said and wished a few kids a great time in college and for their future life. Still, I didn’t actually think I’d never see them again. That day my work shift got cut, and it was the day after that that governor, Tom Wolf, cancelled school for the next two weeks. At this point, the virus was getting worse and worse in our country. We were the top 3rd country in the world with the most cases, and those case numbers were increasing. Then we were the country with the most cases. Our cases were expediting and growing exponentially. It became interesting to check out and see how the cases were going up. The news headlines were all talking about this, and my news notifications on my phone were always buzzing about COVID-19. This was all for a good reason right, there’s a colossal pandemic, and it doesn’t seem like our country was doing much. Some states were completely in lockdown, meaning no was allowed in or allowed to leave (NY, NJ, DE), but that isn’t enough. As of right now, you aren’t supposed to leave your house unless it’s an emergency to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy. But there isn’t that much enforcement on it. I don’t think this piece of advice is hitting all Americans as I see people out and about a lot. For my schoolmates, though, no one is really allowed to hang out with people, so I haven’t seen my friends in a while, and it’s relevantly frustrating to see some kids hang out while the rest of us aren’t allowed out. Anyways I’m no health expert, but I don’t know if this virus is getting better right now, and I don’t see any penalizing laws out there stopping people from continuing their regular routine. This virus is moving very fast-paced, it's hard for me to keep my posts updated. All high school in Pennsylvania have been closed for the remaining for the school year, and now there are some colleges discussing the possibility of starting in-person school in the year 2022. This is a time that no one expected to come, and for most it's hard to swallow the changes.  

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