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Lunch Time!

I love dessert, and my family questions me because they wonder what I eat, since I like to eat so healthily. Well, who said dessert couldn't be on the healthier side? I love making dessert for my family, and when I tell them I didn't add any sugar, they're shocked because it still tastes great! I want to share my tips and tricks to making dessert not be as bad for you along with recipes I love. Though being healthy is important and all, it's always okay to eat something that doesn't follow your plan once in a while. I will be posting special occasion desserts along with my go too. I'm so serious when I say to reward yourself for all your good eating habits and dessert (healthy ofc) is a great way to go! 



Homemade Bread

Healthish Banana Bread

Got bananas sitting around? Make yourself a semi-healthy treat!

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