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When I was little my uncle told me that nothing is impossible because the word "impossible" said "I m possible". I thought it was a cool way to think of the word, but I didn't realize the truth to it until I was way older. Though you might not be able to move mountains, with the right mindset and motivation anything is possible, and through my experiences, I can validate this. I know the school, work, and life, in general, is a lot, and I'm only 17 I don't even know what life is really like. What I do know is is that I've been able to witness myself get to the top, starting from below the bottom, and I think I can help others do that too. I want Unzipped to share my stories that may inspire others. I want to share articles I read that help me get up in the morning and know today is MY day. Together, we can do this, so let's go!

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