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Adult PB&J

I’ve been eating PB&Js for lunch ever since I was a toddler, and they’ve always been my favorite. Though they can get kinda boring. These are some ways to make a “grown-up” PB&J! 

1. Grilled PB&J 

Make your PB and J, place it on a panini press and boom.     2. Textured PB&J  There are so many things you can add to your sandwich. You could put a layer of crushed peanuts, almonds, to give yourself some extra protein. Or some chia or flax seeds for those healthy fats, so you stay full.      3.Crunchy PB&J  This is a more innovative idea but, to give your sandwich a more crunchy approach than gooey try adding some pretzels, chips, or even granola!     4. Fruity PB&J  Sure your sandwich has some fruit component to it already, depending on your “J” part of the recipe but why not add some more. Peanut butter and bananas have been a duo in the kitchen for a while, try adding some in your sandwich.       5. The Layered PB&J Don’t you think PB&Js are kinda restricting, I mean only two spreads in a sandwich!? Let’s change that. Try adding a layer of Nutella, marshmallow, honey, or anything, you can make this lunch into a dessert with just one step. 

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