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Cancun 2016!!

The Time I Traveled to... Mexico

When I was 14, my dad, sister, and I traveled to Cancun, Mexico. We were super excited because who doesn’t love Mexican food and warm weather. Back home, the temperature was in the 50s, so it was more than pleasant to getaway. I remember getting off the plane, sweating in the clothes I was wearing. I recommend bringing a change of clothes on your trip if there is a drastic change in the weather (it was in the 80s at the time). A few things I liked about Mexico was the immense amounts of history around us, though I don’t know much about Hispanic history, I could see how much there was, and it was interesting to read about at museums.

I also enjoyed the authentic food, but you must be careful where you eat because street food is not always the safest. It was sad to see the poverty around us, but it gave me another appreciation for my life and another wake-up call on how poverty was a global issue. One problem my family did face was almost being trapped in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. I’ll explain it. When in Mexico, it’s quite hard to tell between legitimate and sketchy recreation places.

We went on a boat trip and were instructed to follow our leader, though they told us as beginners this wouldn’t be hard. Oh, were they wrong? Within the first 15 minutes, we were sailing, but after that, we lost our instructor. Unfortunately, we didn’t have cell service and couldn’t see anyone, no one at all. We sat there for about 15-20 minutes hoping and praying our instructor came back, and eventually he did.

We finished our boat ride and practically kissed the ground when we got back to shore. After a scary day, we finished the night eating tacos. Though my family mainly stayed at the resort for our trip, it was nice to enjoy the waters and warm weather. I have to say, at times, I was scared and uncomfortable to be in the town just due to a lot of the sketchiness I saw. I would recommend going to Mexico, but to be safe at all times. 

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