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Doing Bad On a Test

I'm sure we've all been there. We studied really hard for a test and didn't get the grade we felt we deserved. That moment you get back your grade, all your studying, and the pain and agony associated with it flash in front of your eyes. I know for me this led to negative thoughts about myself, but I don't do that anymore, and I'm glad. The train of negativity that follows some students can lead to awful things, so preventing that should be our goal. I know teachers, parents, friends, etc., say "one test/assignment/project doesn't matter in the long run," though that's true; it doesn't mean the moment doesn't stinks and feels like the only thing that matters. Instead of moping about a bad grade, use it as an opportunity to reflect, ask yourself what more you could have done, or change something you were doing. If this reflection period ends with thinking you did all you could, then leave it be. We are humans, not robots. Therefore we are not expected to know the perfect formula to acing a test, so if you tried your best, that should be enough. When it comes to school, I believe more in making sure I learned and understood the material rather than my grade. If someone cheats on a test but didn't understand the information, does that mean they're going to get too far? If they keep up with that, probably not because you can't cheat in your job/profession. This thinking is essential because if I understand the concepts, then I am reaching the learning objectives and will be prepared for my later, more advanced classes (this does not apply to every class, of course). Unfortunately, this mentality doesn't always align with our final transcript grades since most grades are test-based, but it makes me feel content after turning in assignments and tests. Remember to try your best and not overwhelm yourself because we're human beings; we have nerves and emotions, which can be a lot more damaging than an F on a test.

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