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How To Ace Online School

I am definitely not an expert on this, but after a semester of Zoom University (online college classes), I think I know how to get closer to those As, and I'm still learning more!

Organization is key, I repeat, organization is key. Whether you're in high school or college, you have to keep track of many schedules, deadlines, and Zoom links. Along with organizing comes persistence. There's no point in making a schedule for yourself if you don't stick to it. Lastly, make sure to take care of yourself. School can be a stressful time for students, and one thing a lot of people forget is taking breaks, winding down, and making time for yourself. Remember, mental health comes before grades!

Here are some tips that keep me on top of school:

  1. Put your class schedule in a calendar app along with its Zoom links.

  2. Put all your tests, assignments, projects, and due dates in your calendar.

  3. Come to class prepared: preview the PowerPoint beforehand, have your materials ready, try to be in the learning mindset.

  4. Use an assignment book to keep track of what work you need to accomplish each day/week.

  5. Rank the things you need to do per day, prioritizing your time. (I use colors to represent the level of importance of each task I have to do)

  6. Every week go over what you learned from lectures so you aren't unprepared when the exam rolls around.

  7. Take advantage of study groups, review sessions, Q&A periods, etc.

  8. Get enough sleep, food, and water!

I will be posting more blogs with school, study, and organizational tips!

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