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How to Bust Your Boredom

So what to do with all this free time on our hands. Well, there are so many productive and fun things to do during this extended break a lot of us have. I attached some links of websites I thought would help guide you not to be bored! Out of all these resources here’s what I came up of what I’m going to do/have done: 

  1. A lot of baking/cooking (though grocery stores have scarce ingredients) 

  2. Working out- this is the perfect time to establish a routine/exercises that work for you

  3. Clean! I’ve cleared out all my closets and drawers and feel super organized and clean

  4. Learn how to play an instrument- I’m trying to play the piano and accordion 

  5. Learn how to do makeup- I know I can’t do anything past putting mascara and foundation on, so why not learn all the cool tricks 

  6. Call people- this is a great time to call your relatives and old friends to catch up 

  7. Read a book- how many times have you said you never have time to read a book? Now you can! 

  8. Tiktok- you gotta know about this app, I have to say that learning dances and making tik toks can waste a lot of your time, so I would recommend downloading the app, but be aware you may get hooked 

  9. Meditation- Quarantine is a great way to let go of stress and things that bother you. I have never meditated before but definitely want to try, and you should do it too! 

  10. Draw/paint/color- this is a great way to relieve stress and can be a peaceful way to get your creative juices flowing

  11. Donate money! There are so many originations raising money for those who have lost a lot and continue to do so during this pandemic. 

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