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How to Stay Motivated

Working out can be hard, but I think the hardest part about it is getting the motivation to do so. I know it was for me at least. I never minded being at the gym, but it was hard for me to actually get in my car and get there. Here are some of the tips I use to keep myself motivated. 

1. Think of the end goal 

Why do you want to workout? Are you trying to lose weight or tone your muscles or gain more muscle? Whatever the reason is this is important to keep on your mind. Remind yourself how annoyed you may feel if you skip your workout. The “why” is very important, keep this on your mind. 

   2. Look at the positives 

Yeah working out can be tiring, sweaty, and gross but think of the upsides. If you’re trying to motivate yourself to run, think of how nice it is to be in the outside under the sun. If you’re going to the gym think about the comfort about being around other people like you all working out. Whatever it is think of the upsides to get yourself to go. 

   3. Reward yourself 

Besides the great benefits of working out, if you need more than that it’s ok. Reward yourself in some sort of way for exercising for a set amount of time (days, weeks, etc.). These rewards could include watching TV, buying yourself something, going out with your friends, or whatever you want. I would restrain from rewarding yourself with unhealthy food as that leads to trends of eating unhealthy consistently and would backtrack your workouts. 

   4. Set goals

This works the best for me, and for a lot of people. Set yourself goals, big or small. Whether your goal is to have that summer body, or losing “x” amount of pounds in a year, this will motivate you to keep pushing. Imagine that feeling when you reach a goal, that satisfaction is worth the workout. 

   5. Find like-minded people 

Another approach is finding a workout buddy or group. This way you can all motivate each other. Also by bailing on a workout, you are not only letting yourself down but you are to someone else too, this lessens the chances of you flaking. Group classes are also a great way to be active because typically they are fun classes with a decent amount of people all being instructed by a motivating trainer. 

   6. Get into your workout clothes 

If you’re trying to work out in the morning, sleep in your workout clothes, then when you wake up all you gotta do is go. If you don’t want to sleep in your clothes or are not working out in the morning, when debating to workout, take it step by step. Tell yourself to rethink the idea after you have your workout clothes on, chances are you’ll work out. 

   7. Leave yourself notes 

Something important to do for yourself is to take notes after your workout. See which exercises were hard for you, which came easy, which came too easy. This way you can keep improving and adjusting your workouts. By leaving yourself notes you are keeping yourself safe. 

   8. Make a good playlist 

I don’t know about you but I have to listen to music when I workout. Making yourself a good workout playlist keeps you motivated during your workout. Choose your own songs, or try using playlists already made by people. 

   9. Be competitive 

Whether you’re a competitive person or not, trying to do your best can be a great motivation. Maybe you’re trying to be the strongest of your friends. Maybe you and your friends are trying to see who can workout every day for a week. Or maybe you’re competing against yourself, to see how many days in a row you can work out, how many reps you can do. Whatever it is, trying to “win” in some way can help you. 

   10. Make a schedule 

Add working out to your schedule every day, by incorporating it in routine, you will become more used to working out. It will become something you just do on your agenda vs. being a chore. 

Let me know if any of these work for you, or leave your own suggestions. I love hearing from you! 

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