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Lend a Hand

One of the most rewarding things to do with your time is community service. This can take many forms from helping to clean up a local park to volunteering at an elderly home. I’ve been doing community service throughout my years of high school, and the most exciting feeling I got every time was the fact that I was helping someone or a community. I was making someone’s life slightly better, and that made me feel like a good person. It’s hard to get that same feeling. I imagine doctors get the same thrill leading them to be proud of themselves.

A lot of people believe that good deeds are selfish, in the sense that yes, you are helping someone but for your own personal glory. Regardless of the reasons why people help others, it’s important to remember that they are still helping this world become a better place. I’ve definitely watched movies and shows, even heard things on the radio that made me think about how lucky I am. It made me think about how I should be giving back and help others. A lot of us may have this thought too, but the question is how many people act on it. It’s not very difficult to find a place to help.

Select schools have programs that make it easy to do kind acts. If you’re interested in finding a place to do, you can call local hospitals, churches, elderly homes to see if they could use any help. You can try to get in contact with those who run the parks department and see if any places need cleaning up. We also have the most useful tool, the internet. Try searching up community service opportunities, and I can imagine a lot of things would pop up in your area. If you need a confidence boost or just a break from life, community service is a rewarding and beneficial activity all should partake in. 

I was apart of a club called BuildOn in high school. There were many ways to be active in our community and help others. Here are two videos I comprised my freshman year of high school. Just to give you a glimpse of what service looks like!

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