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Let's Raise Your Emotional Intelligence

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

People are often focused on growing their knowledge and becoming smarter. They read more books, study harder for their tests, pay attention in class, whatever it is. Something that isn’t typically taught in school is emotional intelligence. This, in my opinion, is something all humans should be aware of. They should guide you in school on understanding one’s emotional intelligence and interacting with others. Isn’t it funny that we can learn how to perform surgeries, drive cars, cook meals, etc. yet nothing covers talking to other humans? I’ve been reading a lot more about this topic, and I feel enlightened to think outside of my perspective and think in others’ shoes. So many actions that I see people perform make so much more sense now. All those frustrating and sad times are lessened because I now think from others’ feelings. We live in a world with 8 billion humans; we need to learn how to get along with them. Having vital emotional intelligence relies heavily on your ability to express, control, and be aware of your own emotions. This seems easier said than done but think about how well you really are on speaking how you feel. I don’t mean just telling the boy you like them but telling your boss you have a problem with something at work, or when you have an issue with your friend that you learned to just “deal with”. Learning how to express how you feel lessens so much stress on your shoulders and allows relationships to thicken due to open communication. My advice on working on your emotional intelligence is to figure out your emotions and what they mean. Make sure you don’t go overboard on how you feel and think before you act. Lastly, express the way you feel in everything you do. Emotions are what drives humans to do any action. From waking up, feeling gross, then brushing your teeth to a man proposing to their wife, it’s all about your emotions.

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