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My 2021 Goals

Like many of us, I like to reflect on my year and write my new years resolutions around December 31st. This year I had a lot more to reflect on than any other year. After many uneventful days of sitting in my bed scrolling down Tik Tok, I’ve actually learned a lot about myself. Though I’m still on the never-ending journey of “finding myself,” I have many hopes for this year. I see 2021 as a year of reinvention. After realizing how much I take for granted, I want to use all the resources I have around me to benefit. I also want to give back to the community around us. During COVID, it’s tough to spend time and do things for the homeless and underprivileged while being safe. I want to find ways I can be of assistance to my community. I also plan on becoming more financially independent. I will be studying to get my real estate license, learning more about trading while maintaining a healthy school GPA. With all the setbacks given to us from this pandemic, we have more than enough time to become experts on creating a high passive income. There are many things to do with money, and I’m excited to see how I could begin a change with mine.

Along with all the things I want to do, I also want to take care of myself. A lot of people think self-care is unimportant, but 2020 taught me quite the opposite. Even if it’s as simple as spending 30 minutes to wind down every day, our bodies need a break. My self-care regime includes reading more, taking more time to take care of my skin and hair, eating better, working out, and more. I’m excited for 2021. Let’s make this year better than the last?

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