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My Advice for Trading

For the past few months, trading and the stock market have become pretty popular for young adults and even teenagers. There are so many accounts and posts that mislead people into thinking you can make a good amount of money in a day. Though this is true, this typically happens for highly experienced people and know what they’re doing. These misleading posts make people think the stock market is more of a gambling game than something requiring knowledge and skill. Everyone has their own opinions on trading, and I believe that choosing what to invest in is essential and ample research should be done beforehand. Many tiktokers and others on social media will tell the public to invest in stocks where a share is less than a couple of dollars and guaranteeing them a significant return. Though this stock may go up, one will need to invest a lot of money to see valuable profits initially. This kind of trading can be referred to as day trading. This requires constant watch on the market as you’re constantly trading. Yes, you can make a good amount of money this way. I personally would never have the time to do this. Therefore I reiterate the benefits of long-term investing. Because once you invest, you sit back, and if invested in the right stock, your money will increase. My advice is to stay away from social media trying to get you to invest in certain things and make sure YOU have a good understanding of what you’re buying before you buy it.

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