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The Fear of COVID-19

It's now been a year since COVID-19 has been "found" in America. Many new norms have come about this pandemic, all revolving around this virus's safety. It's been a really depressing year due to the lack of opportunity and increase of isolation, to put it in simple terms. It's given us a lot of time to think and, for some, reinvent ourselves. This deep into a pandemic makes it hard to think about what life would be without all this craziness. Whatever comes next will certainly be a lot better than where we are today. (knock on wood) I wanted to write this post about the fears that run through many of our heads during this time. For those who have to go to work, the grocery store, the pharmacy, and expose themselves to the outside world, I'm sure these thoughts have come up. I know for myself being around a bunch of people scares me. My heart rate increases as I think about all the possibilities of where they could have been. Are some of these people choosing to go out with Covid-19 because they don't think it's serious? Are there people who have Covid-19 and don't know it yet? These questions are glued to me whenever I go out. Some places are impossible to avoid because we need money, food, and medication to survive. So it's hard to eliminate the continuous thoughts in our heads. It's a stress that won't go away because it's essential to be aware of the risk always. But it's scary, and for some of us, the stress leads a negative toll on us. It makes us constantly anxious about having this deadly and terrifying virus. Is there a solution to eliminate the talks in our heads? Not really; they say it's a mindset thing but aren't we supposed to be in fear of the virus, so we're safe?

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