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Water Agua L'eau

One of my resolutions for 2021 is to drink more water. This has been a reoccurring resolution for me because I just don't drink enough water. Did you know you're supposed to drink around .5 to 1 ounce of water per pound you weigh every day? That is if you want all the glorious benefits of water. For example, if you weigh 120 pounds, you need to drink around 60-120 ounces a day (7.5-15 cups). For me, water isn't the most flavorful choice of drink when I'm thirsty, so I never go for it. Some tips on how to drink more water are to always carry a water bottle with you. Let's say you're going to work/school or someplace where you'll be there for a while; I would say carry two. Make it a goal for yourself to finish the bottle(s) before you leave. Setting small goals like this will make you feel accomplished and give you the momentum to keep going. Also, drinking water more regularly will get your body used to it to become less effortful. Now for the plentiful benefits of drinking water...

  1. Flushing bacteria from your bladder

  2. Protecting organs and tissues

  3. Stabilizing the heartbeat

  4. Normalizing blood pressure

  5. Lubricates joints

  6. Boosts skin health and beauty

  7. Cushions brain, spinal cord, and other tissues

  8. Regulates body temperature

  9. Aids the digestive system

  10. Relieves airways

Ok, so I only listed ten benefits, but there are way more. It's crazy that this zero-calorie drink can do so much good stuff for our bodies. Be a better you and drink more water!

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