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Where Have I Been?

2020 has been quite the year for all of us. As it comes to an end, I like to reflect on my year, thinking of all the ups and downs (as cheesy as it sounds). This year sucked for most of us, if not all. We lost loved ones and saw those we cared about suffering mentally, physically, financially and more. Along with that, a fraction of Americans going through school is dealing with online learning's challenging times. I will write another post about my thoughts and reflection on my online semester. It is actually why my blog really slowed down. I got my website together by June 2020; I finally learned how to relax since high school was over and did that until college had started. Being the naive freshman I am, I thought online school would be a breeze, but boy was I wrong. Trying to immerse yourself in any subject was close to impossible for me over my laptop screen. I got stressed trying to balance my life with school, work, home responsibilities, which led to my lack of engagement in my blog. As the year comes to an end, one of my 2021 resolutions keeps this blog up to date. It's an outlet of expression and hopefully inspiration and additive for you guys.

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