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Why I Eat Healthier

When it comes to food and eating, I'm a big advocate for being healthy. Being healthy doesn't mean having a six-pack and lean legs, but it means feeding your body foods it will appreciate. Growing up, I didn't eat very healthy, but I was just a kid, so I didn't think it mattered. When I got into middle school, I became more conscious about how I looked, so I changed the way I ate. At first, I was eating better because I thought I looked too "fat," and I was honestly disgusted about the way I ate. I watched many videos of what happens to our body when we accumulate fat and got more scared of what I was doing to myself inside. Though these facts encouraged me to eat a lot better, I now eat healthy for different reasons. I have gotten myself into believing that processed foods, candy, sugary things, etc., are gross and that fresh fruits and vegetables are always a better choice. Of course, I still eat these things occasionally but getting in the mindset that unhealthy foods are not in my regular regime has greatly benefited me. I never went on "diets" or "plans" to eat healthier I just changed up foods I commonly ate to more nutritious options. For example, I switched out any bread I ate to multigrain, any juice I drank to ones with no added sugar, etc. Making small changes like this will get you used to eat better. I am excited to share more tips on being healthy on my blog and yummy healthy recipes!

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