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The Perfect Planner

Throughout my four years of high school, I’ve made and lost a lot of friends but my best friend that never left my side was my assignment book. I’d like to think I wasn’t obsessed with it but I can’t say that’s true. I would write down every worksheet, quiz, test, an event I had to go to, everything. This way all I had to do was in one spot and it allowed me to not forget anything. I highly recommend getting one of these for your job or for school, because it’s hard to go through a day and remember every little thing. I found this also useful for nonschool related things. For example, if I was in class and noticed that I needed to do my nails I would write it down. Having something on you to write quick reminders allows you to get everything you wanna do done. This also allows you to be organized which allows you to have the motivation to get things done. I can’t be the only one who likes to cross things off, that satisfactory feeling is one reason why I get my things done in a timely fashion. But really if you struggle with getting things in on time or can never remember what you have to do, this will save your life. Below are some pictures of my past planners. 

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