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What's Happening RN?

I thought this would be a cool section because I'll be able to write about what's happening in the world around me and then look back at this section when I'm older to see what the current news was. I'm going to also write about how things happening around me are affecting me and how we can deal with it together. 


Image by CDC

COVID-19 in My Eyes 

Corona Virus infected 2 million people in the world, and that number keeps going up. This is the first pandemic most people have witnessed, and here's how I see it. 

Image by visuals

Being a Part-Time Worker in a Pandemic

A lot of employees are out of work during this pandemic. Leaving a lot of Americans in tough spots. 

Image by Luis Villasmil

How to Bust Your Boredom 

There is a lot of time on our hands, and Americans all over are getting bored, here are some things I've been doing to keep myself busy. 

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